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Contract Declarations

The Law Office of Belen Gomez has ample U visa, T visa, VAWA, and I-601a experience and our bilingual attorney and staff offer a declaration phone meeting with your clients to collect information and your client’s story.  All elements of the case type will be covered in the declaration as well as equities for waivers (for U and T visas).  We prepare an almost ready to file and formatted declaration draft of between 3 – 5 pages (dependent upon your client’s openness to tell relevant details) in Word format, that you can review with your client and make changes to if necessary.

Attorney Gomez focuses her practice on these types of cases.  She has done many hours of trainings on how to best present client’s cases and how to work with trauma survivors. We will help your client tell their story in their own voice while setting forth the relevant facts that USCIS is looking for.  Our office takes pride in receiving results with minimal Requests for Evidence.  We can help your practice do the same.

To arrange a client declaration:

1)  Email both and   Please include the principal client’s name and case type (U visa, T visa, VAWA, or I-601a).  Include a copy of the I-918, Supp B for U visas, or any reports that your case is based on and want the declaration to cover in detail. Please also include the names of the derivatives included in the cases.  

2)  You will receive an email confirming your case has been received.  Pay ($750 fee for principal applicant declaration; $380 for derivative declaration) online via invoice link sent to your email.

3)  Once payment is complete, schedule your client’s phone meeting via the appointment application.  Please be sure to include your clients contact number when scheduling this appointment.

Your client will receive their call at the scheduled time.  The phone meeting will last approximately 1.5 hrs for principal applicant or 1 hr for derivatives, and can be done in English or Spanish.  The declaration draft with be delivered in English whether the call is conducted in English or Spanish.

*Review of the declaration in your client’s language, certified translation, and changes are not included.